Graduated Support Stockings 

GCSThese can be worn in half or full length, pantyhose etc. These can support the veins by assisting the muscles making pump the blood back to the heart. This reduces the amount of blood in the veins of the leg  therrby making the legs feel better, reduce swelling and hiding the varicose veins.  These support stockings vary in strength and thickness.  The strong ones should be fitted properly so they do not irritate the leg. Treatment with graduated compression stockings  is effective in the management of venous disease. 

These stockings are often worn to prevent DVT during prolonged travel and are used as part of treatment following treatment with sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy,   endovenous laser ablation or clarivein



Naturopathic supplements and Medications:

These are treatments that you can take to help strengthen the vein walls and possibly improve the symptoms in your legs and slow the deterioration of the veins.  These include rutins, bioflavonoids, horse chestnut, gingko, or similar products from your pharmacy or from health food shops. Tablets or capsules can be taken to relieve the symptoms. Paroven, which is made from the extract of rubber plant root, may help the symptoms of aches, pain, restlessness and cramp in the legs however there is no scientific evidence that these medications actually work. The Western Vascular Centre do not recommend, promote or prescribe these medications