The Western Vascular Centre is pleased to offer you this exciting new technique for the management of Varicose Veins. ClariVein® is a new minimally invasive technique for the treatment of Varicose Veins. It is an alternative to the traditional treatment of surgery and the newer treatment of endovenous laser ablation. This treatment is quick, safe, and relatively painless and can be done in 15 minutes as a “walk in, walk out” procedure in the Doctors rooms.  After the procedure you can return to your normal activities immediately.

The procedure involves the insertion under local anaesthetic of a fine rotating catheter into the vein under ultrasound control. As the catheter is withdrawn, the lining of the vein is disrupted by the catheter and a chemical is released which safely and almost painlessly closes the varicose veins, leaving no bruising, nerve or skin damage allowing the patient to return to their normal daily activities

Advantages of ClariVein® Technique

  • Minimal discomfort & zero or negligible bruising
  • No risk of thermal (heat) damage as there could be from techniques such as laser
  • No risk of nerve or skin damage
  • No multiple needle stick injuries (no tumescent anaesthetic is required)
  • No internal leg pressure
  • Rapid return to normal activities
  • Greatly Reduced Pain Levels, Minimal Discomfort, & Minimal Bruising

Compared to other similar techniques (Laser or Radio Frequency ablation), there are greatly reduced pain levels, discomfort and bruising during and post procedure.  This is due to the way that ClariVein® works, ie, it disrupts the lining of the vein (the endothelia) allowing the highly effective use of a drug which is used to close the vein.

Thermal techniques such as Laser use heat to destroy the vein, and as a result can cause trauma leading to pain and bruising which is associated with these techniques. ClariVein® generates no heat, therefore there is no risk of thermal injury which there is with other techniques. As a result there is no risk of nerve injury with ClariVein® which reduces the risks associated with the procedure.

The lack of heat during a ClariVein® procedure means there is no need for the use of tumescent anaesthetic. This is an uncomfortable and often painful part of the procedure due to multiple needle stick injuries and the internal pressure of the anaesthetic on the leg (usually between 250ml and 400ml of fluid are pumped into the leg causing it to swell).  With lasers, tumescent anaesthetic is an essential part of the procedure as it prevents heat reaching into the body and causing thermal injury. With ClariVein®, this is not needed so the risk of it not being done well is completely eliminated. During a ClariVein® procedure, the patient may feel a “buzzing” in their leg which is not painful. 

Clinical Results

As the technique is very new there is not currently long term data on the effectiveness of the technique. However the one year data shows that it is at least as good as both laser and radio frequency at the same point. All the indications are that ClariVein® will provide a safe, effective and lasting technique for the treatment of varicose veins. The device is FDA approved,  CE marked and listed on the  Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) medical devices register.

Follow up

Follow up consists of an ultrasound one to two weeks later.  This will enable us to see if the veins have been blocked off and you will generally be seen by your treating doctor at this time. Please remember that this procedure closes of the leaking vein (turning off the tap) and in time you may need further treatment to remove your varicose veins. This can take either the form of sclerotherapy or ambulatory phlebectomy.

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