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The Western Vascular Centre is proud to announce the acquisition of a revolutionary technology for the treatment of fine red spider veins: Veinwave™.

We believe we are the first site in Australia to acquire this new technology, developed in the United Kingdom and France. It uses microwave energy delivered through an ultra-fine needle to seal the spider veins resulting in their instant disappearance due to a process of thermo-coagulation. We have traveled to be been trained by Dr. Brian Newman, M.D. FRCS, developer of the new technology. Dr. Newman has successfully performed the procedure on thousands of very satisfied patients over the past ten years.

Very fine red spider veins (referred to as thread veins in Europe) affect both men and women, most commonly involving the face and legs – particularly the knee and ankle areas. They are not dangerous, but are cosmetically unsightly. Until now there has been no totally effective and safe treatment. Injection therapy for these veins is technically quite difficult for very fine veins and is not applicable to facial veins. Veinwave, can be used on all sized veins on the face, however is only useful in the leg for very fine veins. For larger leg veins sclerotherapy is required, Laser therapy is often used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but is expensive, painful and in our opinion of limited benefit.

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