What is an angiogram?

An angiogram is an X-ray examination of your arteries. This can be performed on any arteries in the body. Coronary angiography is performed by cardiologists looking to investigate heart disease.  We will not be performing coronary angiography but will be looking at your other arteries, usually those in one or both legs, but often of the aorta or  carotid arteries in the neck. From this test ,we can tell if the arteries are severely narrowed or blocked.


Prior to the Angiogram

Do not stop any medications, especially aspirin and on the day of the angiogram take all your medications with a small amount of water If you are taking warfarin check with Mr. Frydman for advice but generally you will not be asked to stop the warfarin although you may have to have an INR blood test prior to the angiogram. If you are a diabetic on tablets, usually withhold these on the morning of the procedure. If you are on Insulin, please contact the office for advice.


On the day

Bring all your normal medications with you along with any relevant X-rays you may have with you.  Arrive at the hospital at 7:00am unless advised by my staff an alternative time.