The Western Vascular Centre is introducing Video Consultations to enable remote consultations for people living relatively remotely from Melbourne or our various consulting sites. The video consultations are performed in a high grade business type video mode. This high grade video conferencing is essential for medical consultations. The conference is held on the internet and is similar but much better qulity than Skype™.

To be able to take advantage of this new technology you will require:

  • A modern computer (PC or Mac) attached to the internet
  • A webcamera (the better quality the better)
  • Reasonable quality broadband
  • Be able to download and install the free Vidyo™ client software

To see if you have the requirements to successfully have video consultations please click here and read the following file.


There will be a fee payable for an online video consultation. The fee will be only $10 more to that charged for the traditional face to face consultations. Medicare currently allows rebates for video conferencing performed from remote locations in keeping with the Australian Governments Policy on Telehealth.